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No Look Pass Podcast: (Episode 66) The Future of LA and Canadian Basketball/NBA Second Round

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017


Many believe that the worst position as a franchise in the NBA is to be a fringe contender. You're not good enough to realistically challenge for a championship, but never have a shot at getting lottery talent from skating into the playoffs every year just to leave your fanbase disappointed. The Toronto Raptors in the East, and the LA Clippers in the West, are both arguably in this position. However, both franchises have accomplished more in the last few years than in their entire history. So the question is... is it time for each team to blow it up?

Also, the NBA second round, despite their blowouts, still has some intriguing matchups. Who will win the battle of Texas? And is the funeral series a budding rivalry?

No Look Pass Podcast: (Episode 65) Can the Wizards win the East?

Thursday, May 4th, 2017


The story of the NBA Playoffs first round is most commonly breakout performances by the could-be future of the league, and the 2017 first round has certainly not lacked such standouts. John Wall has led the Wizards, the Greek Freak has led the Bucks, and we haven't even discussed the two-man MVP race going head-to-head out West in Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Who has been the most impressive thus far in the first round?

There has also been a very surprising development out in the East as the first seed Celtic find themselves trailing to the largely disappointing Chicago Bulls. Can the Bulls complete the upset, and what does that mean for the East as a whole?

No Look Pass Podcast: (Episode 64) Could Steph Curry win MVP?/Playoff Preview

Sunday, April 16th, 2017


You read the title, and think we are crazy, don't you? Well, it's a bit of click-bait (everyone else is doing it, blame peer pressure!) We discuss the three man race for MVP between Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and (maybe?) Kawhi Leonard. Then, we decide how 2015-2016 Steph Curry would fare in this year's MVP conversation.

From there, it's straight to the playoffs! Are there upsets on the agenda? Which series are we most excited for? Who will be the MVP of the first round? And of course, predictions!

No Look Pass Podcast: (Episode 63) Does the Kevin Durant injury open up the West?

Monday, March 6th, 2017


The previous impenetrable force that was the Golden State Warriors suffered a big blow to what many believed was an inevitability, the 2016 NBA championship, when Kevin Durant suffered an MCL sprain that will leave him out possibly for the rest of the regular season. Of course, the news could have been much worse, so does this change the outcome of the Western Conference? How do the recent signings of Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut by the Cavaliers impact a potential Finals showdown against the Warriors?

We also spent a week with newly acquired DeMarcus Cousins and the New Orleans Pelicans to see how the Boogie and Brow show looks long term.

No Look Pass Podcast: (Episode 62) Utah Jazz – Grit N’ Grind 2.0?/All-Star Weekend Preview

Monday, March 6th, 2017


The all- star weekend is upon us with many exciting storylines among them. The West locker room is certainly an interesting bunch, with the Warriors mingling with Russell Westbrook, and DeMarcus Cousins always liable to get T'd up. What part of all-star weekend are we looking forward to the most?

Plus, we continued our journey around the NBA by stopping in Utah with the Jazz. Where exactly is this team heading in the thick of things, and is this finally the season that they make some noise in the playoffs?

No Look Pass Podcast: (Episode 61) Paul George still a franchise player?/Trade season!

Monday, March 6th, 2017


You would be hardpressed to find somebody before the season started that wouldn't have taken Paul George to build their franchise around in a heartbeat. He has it all: two-way player, can play multiple positions (he did come in the league as a shooting guard, after all), and a knack for the big moment. This season, however, has definitely had its struggles for George and the Pacers. So we ask: is he still someone you want to build your team around?

And it's trade season! So you know we have to play around with some trade rumors.

No Look Pass Podcast: (Episode 60) Are the Bulls wasting Jimmy Butler’s Prime?

Friday, January 27th, 2017


The Central division has turned out to be quite the interesting mix of teams, with the emergence of the Greek Freak as a superstar, and the disappointment of teams like the Pacers. The Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls may both fall into the category of disappointments as well, especially with the amount of talent on each squad.

First, for the Pistons, we will discuss the continuing development of Andre Drummond, what should be their true starting five, and where we stand on Reggie Jackson as a starting point guard.

Then, how the Bulls are like the Brooklyn Nets, a new nickname for Jimmy Butler, and what the Bulls should do about their point guard problem.

No Look Pass Podcast: (Episode 59) Are we freaking out over Kyle Korver?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017


Although LeBron is still dissatisfied, many have labeled Kyle Korver as the missing piece to another Cavaliers championship run, especially in the absence of JR Smith. Are we ready to go that far, and what do other teams need as their final piece to the puzzle?

We also discuss our week with the Denver Nuggets. Which European reigns supreme at the center of the Nuggets offense? Is Kenneth Faried still good? Does Mike Malone know what a rotation is? And is this possibly the deepest team in the league?

No Look Pass Podcast: (Episode 58) Minnesota KATs

Friday, January 6th, 2017


When Tom Thibodeau took the coaching job with the Timberwolves, expectations skyrocketed, and many (including ourselves) had the Wolves as a competitor in the playoffs. So far, that has not come to fruition, but are we sure that is still a bad thing? How much did we miss Thibs yelling ICE! on the sidelines? And are we sure that Andrew Wiggins is the second best player on the Wolves, when just a year ago we were trying to decide if he was the best player on the Wolves?

No Look Pass Podcast: (Episode 57) Who do the Knicks belong to?/Restgate

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016


The New York contingency at the NBA draft who booed the giant European guy the Knicks drafted at #4 seems like a decade ago now, as the Porzingod now rules NYC. Are the Knicks Porzingis's team? What did we expect from Derrick Rose this season? Who is the Knicks best center?

Also, would you trade for Demarcus Cousins? And should 24 year olds be resting?