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Bump N Run – 4/27/15

Thursday, April 30th, 2015


This week: NASCAR's Little Rappers , Comedian Vic Clevenger, Gray Garrison from BGS, and Robert Lunsford.

Bump N Run, with drivers Patrick Waugh, Brian Wall and On-Air Personality Robyn "That Sports Chick" Vandenberg. Listen in as they cover all things racing . Patrick is the driver of a crate late model and races at Dog Hollow Speedway and Marion Center Speedway. Brian is the driver of the No.22 Street Stock at Bowman Gray Stadium . This trio will definitely keep you entertained!

HoopGirlz Radio 4/28/15: NBA Playoffs!; Kobe Celebration & more

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

HoopGirlz Radio-Logo

-NBA Playoff Updates

-Cavs & Celtics get physical

-Kevin Love out 2-3 weeks with dislocated shoulder

-JR Smith awaiting punishment from league after being ejected

-Sweep nation

-Dallas Mavericks & Brooklyn Nets live to see another day

Sports Trap Radio: 2015 NFL Draft Preview – 4/28/15

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015


2015 NFL Draft Preview


Wednesday, April 29th, 2015


THE FIGHT EPISODE.......gonna talk WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP of the WORLD ((((MANNY PACQUIAO v FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR)))).....special guest KAREEM TYSON will come through and discuss the showdown.....the whole show will be bring your opinion and bring your A game !!!!......vibe with THE MAYOR on Twitter @LEFTHANDID........yes, TWITTER.......@LEFTHANDID........yes we will chop the NBA/NHL playoffs up....and give light to BASEBALL and NFL DRAFT...the THREE MINUTE RANT will be a good one....come thru !!!!!!

The Broad Street Line: NFL Schedule Release/Draft Countdown – Episode #244

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

The Broad Street Line

With two days left until the 2015 NFL Draft, The Broad Street Line brings you the latest 411 as we head toward Thursday's epic event. The Marcus Mariota rumors are flying fast and furious, and it's anyone's guess whether or not Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles will make a play for the Oregon QB.

Later in the show, we'll preview Mayweather-Pacquiao, and we'll also take a look at a wild NBA playoff picture as we approach the conference semifinals. Can LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers make a run without Kevin Love? Can the San Antonio Spurs upset the Los Angeles Clippers? We'll answer those questions and PLENTY more.

So come and take a ride on The Broad Street Line: The future of sports talk radio has finally arrived.

The Mad Scientist’s Sports Lab: 2015 NFL Mock Draft Special – 4/25/15

Sunday, April 26th, 2015


Welcome to "The Mad Scientist Sports Lab", hosted by "The Mad Scientist of Sports" Nick Ficorelli. This is not the average everyday sports show he is bringing to the air waves. "The Mad Scientist" has created his own personal sports lab, and you, the audience, as well as many of his special guests, will be his test subjects. He will throw theories out, and you never know where they will be coming from. He will keep everyone guessing, and he will open his lab to any and all comers. Be prepared for "mad science" of sports at its best.

This week, "The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab" will be holding its "2015 NFL Mock Draft Special" where he brings in the best independent NFL Scouts from The Student Section, Draft Breakdown, NFL Draft TV, RSENetwork,and The Football Educator, use them as General Managers of Each NFL Team, make their picks "on the clock", and give a quick breakdown as to why the pick was made.

The GM's for the teams will be as follows - AFC North - Bryan Luis of RSENetwork, AFC South - Ryan Palencer - The Student Section, AFC East - Jeff Lloyd of Draft Breakdown, AFC West - Antwan Staley - Pro Players Insider, NFC North - Brandon Thorn - The Football Educator, NFC South - Kevin Causey - The Student Section, NFC East - Terry Johnson - The Student Section, NFC West - Justin Higdon - Draft Breakdown

Our "Mike Mayock" will be Shane Hallam of DrafTV.

The beacons have been lit, the experiement is at the ready, and "The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab" is open for business.

Tissue in the Tape Podcast: Ep. 57 – And You Know This….Man!

Sunday, April 26th, 2015


Tissue In The Tape, this week, is all about the classic movie Friday, on the heels of its 20th Anniversary.

We'll get into the most memorable moments, the catchphrases, and cultural impact of one of the most successful comedies in movie history.

So this week, smoke one with the Heat Holderz and tune in to Tissue In The Tape episode 57 . . . And You Know This....Man!!!

The War Room: Tebowmania Hits Philadelphia; NBA Awards (ep. 251)

Friday, April 24th, 2015

The War Room Logo

Join us in The War Room this week as we provide the realest analysis in sports, as usual.

We'll discuss Tebowmania as it hits another unsuspecting city. This time, let's just say it hits very "close to home".

We'll also discuss Floyd Mayweather Jr's controversial comments as we approach his May 2nd bout with Manny Pacquiao, the NBA playoffs, our thoughts on the NFL schedule, and more!

We'll get a post-Spring practice college football report from Fred Perdue and Nikasha Wells will join us to talk about the latest weight-loss craze.

We have a packed show that we do not want you to miss!

"This portion of the revolution will not be televised, but EVERYBODY can listen."

The Broad Street Line: Countdown to the NFL Draft/Tim Tebow – Episode #243

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

The Broad Street Line

We're less than two weeks away from the NFL Draft, and we'll bring you the latest news and rumors from around the league. And of course, we'll talk all things Tim Tebow as the former Heisman Trophy winner joins the Philadelphia Eagles.

Later in the show, we'll give you our thoughts on the NBA playoffs, tell you which baseball prospects you need to keep an eye on, and get you caught up on the past week in sports as only we can. So come and take a ride on The Broad Street Line: The future of sports talk radio has finally arrived.


Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015


THE NFL SCHEDULE already know we will be discussing the release of 2015 NFL least for a little while.....NBA PLAYOFFS......NHL PLAYOFFS......AFTER FURTHER FURTHER REVIEW 2.0 MLB TOP TEN will be discussed.....THE THREE MINUTE RANT will be on point!!!!!!!