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Proud Black Me Radio: BLAST – Interview with Shaka Shakur and the People’s Survival Program

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014


MoJo and Peter are back with the BLAST (Black Life And Survival Training) show! We are honored to welcome Brother Shaka Shakur this week! Brother Shakur recently posted a video in response to the recent grand jury decisions and the video went viral. He will be here to discuss his People's Survival Program and the Black SoulJahs Ranger Corps and how we can get people motivated all over the country to initiate change and make things better for us as Afrikans in America. This brother's ideals and initiatives are very much in line with Proud Black Me and ECHO our Educational and Collaborative Homegrown Organization . Be sure to tune in for this very powerful conversation.

Proud Black Me Radio: #ICANTBREATHE – Protests and Shutdowns To Show Black Lives Matter

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014


Queen MoJo and King Peter bring the B.L.A.S.T. (Black Life and Survival Training) show to Proud Black Me Radio. As protests and demonstrations continue in the aftermath of the grand jury decisions regarding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the community gives their views about the movement and how we grow and move forward with change. Celebrities and athletes such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have shown their support, but what does it all mean?

PBM Presents PAST with MoJo and Peter: You Wanna Be Anything But African, Huh? – 10/12/2014

Saturday, October 25th, 2014


Proud Black Me Radio Presents Problems and Solutions Training with MoJo and Peter Brown. This week we discussed the interview that Oprah had with Raven Symone and how people of African descent want to distance themselves from being African. There have been a lot of debates about what we as Black people should be referred to as... We discussed it! Feel free to contact us with your views, opinions and feedback!