The War Room: To Boycott or Not to Boycott – That is the Question (Ep. 373)

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Join us this week for another 2 hours of intelligent sports talk in The War Room!

The Colin Kaepernick situation has brought to the light everything that is wrong with the NFL, and the pressure is mounting on the public of whether or not to pull its support from the country's #1 professional sports league. We'll discuss in detail.

We'll also discuss the NY Giants rewarding players for not getting arrested, Cam Newton's potential closet-opening message on Instagram, the final run for Usain Bolt, the "intent" of Zach Randolph, whether or not Usher "Let It Burn", LT's proud mixed-race lineage, and a whole lot more.

"This portion of the revolution will not be televised, but EVERYBODY can listen."

Don't miss it!!!

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