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The Broad Street Line Express – WPPM 106.5 FM: (Episode 47) NCAA vs. The World

Friday, October 6th, 2017


The NCAA/Adidas scandal has already taken down Rick Pitino and Louisville, and on this edition of The Broad Street Line, we'll explain why we think it'll be MUCH larger going forward. We also tell you why "stick to sports" is dead, and why we expect the Philadelphia 76ers to be exciting this season.

The Mad Scientist’s Sports Lab: Pro Mod Racing Champion Dina Parise – 10/24/15

Monday, October 26th, 2015


Welcome to "The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab", the 2015 Online Media Award Winning Podcast by What A Fan, hosted by "The Mad Scientist of Sports" Nick Ficorelli and "The Apprentice" Andrew Gluchov. This is not the average everyday sports show they are bringing to the air waves. "The Mad Scientist" has created his own personal sports lab, and you, the audience, as well as many of his special guests, will be his test subjects. He will throw theories out, and you never know where they will be coming from. He will keep everyone guessing, and he will open his lab to any and all comers. Be prepared for "mad science" sports talk at its best.

At the start, we welcome back Allie Fontana for her weekly segment "Allie's Fantasy Alley" to delve into the starts and sits, injuries, and more about Week 7 for your fantasy football needs. 30 minutes in, we have a very special guest, as we welcome NHRA Pro Mod Champion Dina Parise of Dina Parise Racing to talk about her life on and off the track, the trials of being a drag racing owner, and winning her first world title. At the top of hour #2, we have Phil Naegely of Stoppage Time and Playing for 90 to talk about the world of futbol/soccer - MLS, UEFA Qualifying, FIFA scandal, and more. Finally, we'll end the show as The Mad Scientist and The Professor delve into "The News Of The Week" - Tristan Thompson, Louisville, Clinton Portis and Jim Zorn.

The beacons are lit, the experiments are on the board, and the test subjects are at the ready. The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab is officially open for business.

The Broad Street Line: Eagles-Panthers Sunday Night Showdown/Scandal at Louisville – Episode #269

Saturday, October 24th, 2015


The Philadelphia Eagles have captured first place in the NFC East, but can they hold onto their spot after a Sunday Night matchup against the undefeated Carolina Panthers? We'll answer that question and a lot more as we get you ready for Week 7 in the NFL.

Later in the show, we'll give you our thoughts on the scandal brewing at Louisville, predict who will face the New York Mets in the World Series, and get you caught up on the rest of the past week in sports as only we can. So come and take a ride on The Broad Street Line: The future of sports talk radio has finally arrived.

The War Room: Louisville or Tech U? (Ep. 277)

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

The War Room Logo

Welcome to The War Room! This week, we'll discuss everything that happened in one of the wildest sports weeks we've seen in a while.

Michigan's blunder, the Colts' "fake punt" formation, the Louisville "tute" scandal, the latest on Lamar Odom's condition, and MUCH more.

As usual, we'll talk to Fred Perdue of Sports about the week in college football.

"This portion of the revolution will not be televised, but EVERYBODY can listen."

Don't miss it!!!