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Gaffer & Hooligan Soccer Podcast: Les Rouges v Reggae Boyz Round Up

Saturday, September 13th, 2014


It’s our look at the Canadian Men’s National Team vs. Jamaican Men’s National Team!

We kick off the show in Segment 1 “The First Round” giving our views from the game on Tuesday night from two different vantage points, Aaron from the stands and Kamal from the press box.

We wrap up the show with Segment 2 “Last Call” with interviews from the Reggae Boyz Omar Holness and Andre Blake, discuss the rise of Caribbean and Central American talent within MLS and the overall good position CONCACAF finds itself in at the moment.

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Gaffer & Hooligan Soccer Podcast: European Edition – 9/10/2014

Thursday, September 11th, 2014


Kamal Hylton and Aaron Nielsen bring their usual analysis, discussion and opinions to the table... this time looking at European soccer with a North American eye.

Topics for this show include:

- CONCACAF players in European leagues

- Interviews with European-based Canadian Men's National Team players Simeon Jackson and Julian De Guzman

- Should unattached CONCACAF players look towards MLS

Gaffer & Hooligan Soccer Podcast: We’re Back…but We’re Moving in a Different Direction

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

G&H Blog

On this episode we make a special announcement, as I'm now joined by Aaron Nielsen as my full-time co-host with a goal of providing our general North American sports perspective towards MLS and CONCACAF.

We kick off Segment 1 "The First Round" discussing the Warren Crevalle trade and the wider topic of the Allocation Order, whether there's a need for MLS to put more focus on finding players within CONCACAF over the "Big Names" and a recent article by Aaron on refereeing.

We wrap up the show in Segment 2 "Last Call" by giving out our MLS mid-season awards.

Gaffer & Hooligan Soccer Podcast: Canadian Teams at the MLS All-Star Break and League One Ontario

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014


Welcome to the latest Gaffer & Hooligan Soccer Podcast.

With the World Cup now over we’re back to regular business of discussing MLS and CONCACAF from a Canadian perspective.

There was a log jam on topics on tap this episode and with help from RNO/ENBSports Aaron Nielsen we sifted through a lot.

In Segment 1 “The First Round” we give a mini MLS first half review, focusing on the three Canadian clubs and branching out to a few other teams within the league and then transition into a discussion on the recent release of the MLS All-Star roster.

We wrap up with Segment 2 “Last Call” talking about our impressions of League1 Ontario since its launch and end by giving our initial impressions on the news about CFL/CSA/NASL planning a Canadian Second Division.

Gaffer & Hooligan Soccer Podcast: The World Cup Has Now Moved Onto the Round of 16!

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Gaffer & Hooligan 4Blog

Welcome to the latest Gaffer & Hooligan 2014 World Cup Mini-show.

In Segment 1 “The First Round” look at the Saturday and Sunday matches, two all South American battles in Chile vs. Brazil and Colombia vs. Uruguay before a big day for CONCACAF with Mexico vs. Netherlands and Greece vs. Costa Rica (Spoiler Alert: I tell you how much I HATE Greek soccer)

We wrap up with Segment 2 “Last Round” with Monday and Tuesdays games, as Nigeria take on France and Algeria go head-to-head with Germany before Switzerland battle Argentina and everyone’s “Dark Horse” Belgium face-off against the final CONCACAF nation in the Round of 16 USA. (Spoiler Alert: I tell you why I believe CONACAF’s success can help Canadian soccer).

Gaffer & Hooligan Soccer Podcast: CONCACAF Making a World Cup statement!

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Gaffer & Hooligan WRSPN

Welcome to the latest Gaffer & Hooligan 2014 World Cup Mini-show.

In Segment 1 " The First Round" we look at CONCACAF's success in the tournament so far, Costa Rica advancing to the Round of 16 with a 1-0 win over Italy, Honduras losing 2-1 to Ecuador, USA defeating Ghana 2-1 and Mexico earning a credible 0-0 draw against Brazil before dissecting what matches are ahead.

We wrap up the show with Segment 2 "Last Call" reviewing three exciting matches this week, Australia fighting hard in a 3-2 loss to Netherlands, Chile eliminating the defending champions Spain 2-0 and Uruguay earning a vital 2-1 victory over England.